FREE Webinar - Reduce the Overwhelm

Does it feel like the mess in your home never ends? Does it feel like the collective weight of everything you own settles on your shoulders the moment you walk in the front door?

What if you could walk in and feel totally at peace with your space instead?

On Wednesday the 29th of July at 10:30am I am going to be hosting a FREE webinar to talk about Ways to Reduce the Overwhelm in Your Home". I invite you to come chat with me!

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Hi, I'm Sarah! You will find a bunch of resources here including blogs, freebies, workbooks and of course my BRAND NEW MEMBERSHIP to help you every step of the way as you move closer to your goals and learn to live with Intention! My belief is that Living 'Tiny' is about more than the house. It's about the habits, tools and goals we apply to each day RIGHT! My tools will help you transition to a life with intention and purpose!

I look forward to being part of your journey. 

Introducing the On Purpose Membership for families who want to live with intention.

This is a community for likeminded people to come together to learn and grown in the skills and mindset they need to live their dream life. A life aligned with their values.

Our values include so many facets of life that help us live with intention and purpose! Minimalism, sustainable living, mindful parenting, Tiny (or Tinier!) Living and using our time and money to build the life we dream of.

Each month will bring a new topic complete with workshops, guest speakers and exclusive bonus material. And of course access to the interactive and support community.

Together we will tackle one skill, habit or challenge at a time that will create a a Life of Intention - a Life on Purpose!

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Hi! I'm Sarah!

I'm a mum of two, entrepreneur and lover of all things eco friendly and sustainable. Adventure and creative outlets fulfill me and I love teaching someone something new.

My husband and I DIY built our Tiny Home which was our full time home with young children for 2 years!

Going Tiny has been a wild, challenging, amazing and exciting journey. We have learnt a LOT! Transitioning our entire lives into a Tiny House meant learning so many new skills like minimalism, decluttering, adapting parenting, budgeting and project management, and adjusting daily life including studying, cooking and playing into our space.

These are the skills that fix the problems that so many mothers and families are struggling with. And I am so grateful to be able to share what I have learned. I look forward to hearing from you!