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Hi, I'm Sarah! I'm here to help if you are curious about Tiny Living or if  Tiny Houses are for you. You will find a bunch of resources here including blogs, freebies, workbooks and courses to help you every step of the way. My belief is that Living 'Tiny' is about more than the house. It's about the habits, tools and goals we apply to each day RIGHT now long before you even get inside of your Tiny House! My tools will help you transition life to being 'Tiny' - a life with intention and purpose!

I look forward to being part of your Tiny Living journey. 

Tiny Living Blog

Hi! I'm Sarah!

I'm a mum of two, entrepreneur and lover of all things eco friendly and sustainable. Adventure and creative outlets fulfill me and I love teaching someone something new.

My husband and I DIY built our Tiny Home in which we now live in with our young children! Prior to this project we had no building experience. Sure! We had done renovation projects before but nothing like building a house from ground (or trailer) up! Talk about jumping in the deep end! We are SO thankful for all the help we had from family and friendly both with working bees and talking over ways to achieve tasks. Their support was key to our success!

Going Tiny has been a wild, challenging, amazing and exciting journey. We have learnt a LOT! We have gained so much knowledge on this project both in the physical as well as mental and practical sense and now I'm here READY to help other Tiny Home enthusiasts act on their dreams.

I look forward to hearing from you