Getting Stuck Into Spring Cleaning and Decluttering

We are now well and truly into spring with summer coming just around the corner!

The air is fresh and sweet (except for yesterday when it was bitter and cold – thanks surprise winter day!)

The birds are singing. 

So many people are getting stuck into Spring Cleaning and Decluttering!

That feeling of clearing out stuff that has been un-used and un-appreciated is awesome!

Are you getting into any sorting projects?

I would love to know what is your biggest hurdle when it comes to downsizing or decluttering!

Is it the decluttering of stuff? If so what about decluttering overwhelms you?

Is it the cost of moving and downsizing?

Is it fear?

I think this is a hurdle for many people – and sometimes there are a few mental blockages to work though!

Firstly – When decluttering it can be really powerfully to selectively choose what to KEEP rather than trying to work out what to CULL. Simply changing that thought pattern helps enormously! (If you are looking for a plan of action check out my free printable challenge here – If you want MORE why not grab my decluttering module here )

Secondly – If you want to downsize your physical space but have a hurdle there its important to identify your fears. Then you can start to unravel them and combat them with truth!

For instance – What is the true cost of NOT changing (eg rent, mortgage, stress etc)?  How much space does your family REALLY need?

Once you take some time to re-program a few of those thought patterns things will become easier and clearer!

Good luck with your Spring Cleaning!

May the spring breeze motivate you, calm your thoughts and help carry you towards your goals

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