10 Ways to Simplify Life

Have you ever thought life just feels way to stressful?

You spend all day working only to come home to a home that feels ‘heavy’ rather than the sanctuary that it should be. You know that feeling that I am talking about right? Your house can be clean but still feel weighed down by clutter and the stress of all the housework that needs to be done!

I can’t promise that I have the solution to a clean house! However; I promise that simplifying life can remove some of that stress you carry and bring some peace back to your home and your life! Removing the physical and mental ‘stuff’ that doesn’t serve us in life also makes room for the things you truly want to add into your life. More time. Less stress.

I’m a mum of 2 and a Tiny Home dweller! Yep that’s right! We have 2 kids 4 and under and together we embrace a simpler life after downsizing from a big house that I could just never keep up with.  (If you’d like to learn more about WHY we went Tiny you can get my free ebook at www.mecoblue.com/ebook). To say it was a big change would be an understatement! In the 6 months of research and 12 months of DIY build time there was a lot we had to learn and change about life in preparation for our transition.

Here are my top 10 tips to live more simply right now. Things you can change to fit into life exactly where you are.

  1. Simplify your wardrobe! Capsule wardrobes are amazing! The idea is that everything in your wardrobe works together to make a plethora of outfit options with minimal clothing items. So; no more tops that ONLY go with that one skirt ladies! Jump on Pinterest and have a look at ‘Capsule Wardrobes’ and ‘Project 333’ (33 items of clothing for 3 months). You will be amazed how much personality and flare you can pack into a small wardrobe. Plus, less clothes mean less washing too so that is a bonus.
  2. Put away the extra cutlery and crockery. Try keeping out just one set per person. For us this is a bowl, plate, knife, fork, spoon and a double walled glass that serves its purpose for both hot and cold drinks. Yep – you are going to have to do the dishes more frequently! I promise the kitchen will be so much faster to clean up when you have less things out to mess it up and you are forced to wash more frequently!
  3. Always carry a water bottle. Enjoy an outing intentionally rather than buying drinks every time. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself to a coffee or a smoothie for example! Why not take the time to dine in, put the phones away and have a conversation! Then the rest of the time carry your water (or tea/coffee) with you. Not only will you save money and drink more fluids but you will save countless plastic bottles and lined paper cups from landfill!
  4. Consider the role of single function items in your home. Do you REALLY need that egg cooker? Or does a saucepan do the job just fine? Wherever an item serves only 1 purpose ask yourself if there is something else that can do the same job. If the answer is yes consider if it should be cluttering up your space.
  5. Step back from consumerism. This one takes some habit breaking! Learn to be intentional and mindful of what you buy. Whenever you make a purchase ask yourself “Do I need this? Will it add value? Will it enhance my life enough to trade my money and time” (yes time!!! You had to trade your time at a job to earn that money you are about to spend!). Being intentional with what you bring in will help keep your space simple and reduce impromptu purchases that tend to have short lives in our homes before ending up as landfill.
  6. Learn to look for preloved things when making purchases. I always try to buy second hand when I can. Part of this is the act of deliberately seeking something out naturally qualifies its necessity for me. There are so many ways to buy second hand! Facebook groups and marketplace, gumtree, garage sales, markets, op shops and more. See what is around you!
  7. Declutter your home – especially your work space. This one can take some time to really see progress! There are so many ways to go about decluttering! Kon Marie method is popular! So is the advice of Peter Walsh and dozens of declutter groups on Facebook! Whatever method you choose I recommend thinking about what adds enough value to your life to keep rather than searching for what to get rid of. It’s a simple change of thought but it makes a big difference! A clear workspace will help calm your thoughts and allow you to be more productive too!
  8. Stop and enjoy the view! We live in an amazing world! When was the last time you sat outside and spent time just appreciating nature? Sometimes that view on the drive is just so spectacular its time to pull over and just be grateful for what we have.
  9. Take time to talk without technology or distractions. This is one I still have to be conscious of! Simply putting your phone away and turning the TV off when having a conversation is so refreshing! We are habitual beings and many of us are suckered into our technology! Time to put those screens away and just enjoy each other’s company instead!
  10. Reduce your waste. A really great place to start is to learn to compost! This alone will probably reduce your waste by 50-70%! Then swap to reusable bags and coffee cups. These changes are super simple and easy to do! When you are ready for more there are so many changes and swaps you can make. The biggest one you can do is to simplify what you consume! Try refusing items that come in packaging wherever possible! Maybe that means you swap to a carrot and an apple for morning tea rather than a muesli bar every day?

Bonus for families –

Reduce the toys! There are so many studies that show that kids actually thrive on being bored! It turns on their creative and inventive brains! Plus; too much choice can be overwhelming for kids – you will probably find they play more and fight less with less toys! Maybe you could try putting away anything with batteries for a month!

Simplifying was a part of our journey towards Tiny Living. If you would like more information about the Tiny House lifestyle why not come and check us out at instagram.com/mecobluetinyliving or come get your dose or Tiny House inspiration at pinterest.com.au/mecobluetinyliving/

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Sarah x

Ways to Simplify Life

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