Why Do People Choose To Live In Such Small Houses?

I have a question for you

What is it about Tiny Living that appeals to you?

Serious question and yes, you have probably seen me talk about this before 😉 

But I promise getting this answer worked out will help you define SO much else from what sort of Tiny House you build to what sort of budget you work with and even what might be in your floor plan.

Someone recently heard our story of Tiny Living and asked generically “Why do people choose to live in such small houses?”

My answer?

I think its different for everyone

  • I have friends who have chosen bus homes so they can take their young families traveling to see the country!    
  • I have met people who aren’t at home often so they downgraded to smaller spaces so their time wasn’t held up in maintenance.
  • I have met people (especially in the DIY group) that have chosen Tiny Houses to remove financial obligations.
  • And others who downsize for environmental reasons, lifestyle choices or even for the adventure of it. 

And I think generally people make the choice for a combination of reasons rather than JUST one reason alone

So I want to ask you to take a moment and dig a little deeper into your thoughts.

Ask yourself the WHAT and WHY questions your teacher taught you back in primary school English class.

What do you love about the idea of Tiny Living?

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Fun Space Hacks for Kids’ Corner

I wanted to share about some changes to our home recently!

Tiny House living with kids was for us, uncharted territory.

Previously we had plenty of space! Which also went along with a never ending feeling of drowning in our own clutter.

Toy boxes emptied and strewn across the room.

Books topple onto the floor.

And cleaning that never stopped!

I was tired. I felt like I could never catch up!

If I finally finished the tidying then I was behind in laundry and if I finished the laundry I was too tired to cook dinner.

Truthfully I felt like crying each time I walked into the lounge room and the weight of our clutter hit me.

So we made a pretty radical change and DIY built a Tiny House on Wheels to move our little family into!

Over the last 9 months, we have done a lot of adapting and tweaking! Some things work and some don’t! And sometimes kids learn new skills and the space has to adapt to them once more.

Recently, I finally got around to updating the kids corner! I am so pleased at the transformation $22 at IKEA made to our space!

Tiny Living Space Hacks for Kids' Corner

First up I want to say I describe the corner and its toys as Montessori inspired. Its probably not truly Montessori and I’m sure plenty of purists could tell me why. However that’s where my inspiration came from.

I LOVE shelves.

Over the last few years watching small children engage with toys I’ve noticed they play SO MUCH MORE with the selection of toys when it is both minimal and on display.

It’s like putting it in front of them suddenly reminds of them of the cool things they have to play with!

In a toy box it tends to get forgotten about in our house!

I also feel like shelves promote a healthy relationship with the care of possessions.

Sure – Miss 1 tends to just pull everything off the shelves she can reach and dump it onto the floor. However, she also stacks things on the shelf again rather than just throwing it into a box.

I’ve noticed our toys tend to be better loved and cared for when on a shelf rather than in a toybox.

So getting onto the new space!

This revamp included two picture ledges and a spice rack which I used for a little book caddy. (What an awesome Pinterest idea that was!)

Miss 3 helped me install the shelves.

I adore her willingness to learn and her excitement to be involved with building something. I love that she sees herself as a capable builder. With supervision of course, we try to involve her in as many projects as possible. And boy has it allowed her to thrive!

At 3 she can identify the majority of everyday hand tools and often asks for timber, hammer, and nails to practice ‘hammering’.

How cool is that?

If you would like a giggle check out the install video (if the link doesn’t work you might not be in the group! No problem! Jump over to the group Tiny Chatter @ Meco Blue and I’ll add you in so you can see the video!

I should have known I didn’t have enough hands to hold the camera and the shelf AND assist Miss 3 in operating the driver.

Here is my talk through video of the set up 🙂 Enjoy!

You could add more shelves above or one of the bars with a hanging bucker like this.

7 Day Tiny Living Workshop - Meco Blue

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