3 Things To Know About Living in Tiny Houses with Children

3 things I wish I knew about the dynamics of family in small spaces

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Our family did something pretty wild!

We took on the task of DIY building our very own Tiny House on Wheels and moved our family in!

So here we are - 2 kids 4 and under living Tiny with all the opportunities (and struggles) it presents us!

What is it really like you ask?

Here are 3 things you NEED to know about living with kids in small spaces before you do it yourself!

I hope it makes you laugh! May it show you that its totally viable and prepare you for that journey!


Just read Sarah’s ebook, loved reading about the brave step she took to make changes for her family. Great read for those interested in minimalism, low waste living or tiny houses. She’s honest, real and has lots of knowledge to share.

- Amy Lantry