3 Top Tips to Kick off Your Intentional Living goals

Here at MecoBlue Tiny Living, I believe that ‘Tiny Living’ is about more than your physical home. It’s a whole meld of concepts that culminate in a lifestyle that is intentional and kind on the Earth. Learning to live with intention can be a big transition for people! So here are my top tips to get you started!

1. Get a Calendar!

Being intentional with your time means knowing what’s going on so you know when your weeks are just too full and so that you don’t double book yourself! Your choice whether this is a digital calendar, a wall calendar or a notebook/journal. Or maybe you want a combination of them! Whatever you pick start charting out the appointments and the non negotiables for you. Put in the appointments, activities and the family outings. You can even use this as a place to make notes of meals that work with the time you have available on each night. Be willing to tweak this system as you learn what works for you and what doesn’t.

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2. Learn to say No.

Ok this is one I’m still working on myself. But – living intentionally means saying no to things that do not fit with your goals, values and your availability (be it time, money or space). Say no to the junky promo pens. Say no to the shift swap that means you miss out on the family outing you had planned. Say no to the BBQ that you don’t want to go to because that group of people make you feel yuck. Say no to following people on social media that make you feel less than. Say no to doing something that your heart and soul are screaming no to because you know its not a good fit. Say no to the food that you know make your insides roll over themselves. Say no to the things that do not fit with your values, passions, goals and resources.

3. Get hydrated!

This seems odd to put on an intentional living list right? But the reality is you will be at your best mentally, physically and emotionally when you are hydrated. The impact of being even a little dehydrated on your body is quit incredible. When you get your water up you will be less likely to reach for junk, you will be calmer, happier and more productive! You will find that everything starts slipping into place and you will make better decisions when you are functioning better!

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

This list is by no means exhaustive – these are things and habits you can start work on over the weekend to help kickstart your Intentional Living lifestyle. I’d love to see what you set up and hear what impact this made for you!

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