Declutter vs Tidy vs Clean?

It was about 18 months ago that I was listening to a podcast from “A Slob Comes Clean” and for the first time ever I heard someone talk about the physical difference between the actions of cleaning, tidying and decluttering. And it was like a lightbulb went off! I want to tell you a bit about what I have learnt about these activities and how to prepare mentally and physically because I think it is a really really helpful distinction.

First up – tidying. This is what most of us mothers feel like we do all the time. It’s the action of picking things up and putting them back where they belong. Depending where you are in your parenting years and in the process of managing your possession this task can feel super daunting. As much as possible get the owner involved in tidying up. For my girls this looks like reminding them to pack up with blocks when they are done. For a big family in a large house with lots of stuff – this might even look like getting a basket for each person and they are responsible for returning items to their homes from their basket. A collection point for their items per say.

Cleaning – there is a huge difference between being untidy and unclean. Cleaning is the action of physically cleaning the dirt, food, and grime off surfaces. We do this every day when we do the dishes and wipe down the bench. Getting prepared for a DEEP clean might mean you take everything off a surface so you can really get in there with your choice of cleaning products (pro tip – vinegar in water or detergent and water with a rag work really well 😉

Decluttering – when I started the journey of decluttering I’d make a good start and then without meaning to I’d find myself tidying or even just organising a space. Then I tried focusing on walking around the house hunting for things to get rid of. Essentially I was trying to tick a list off. And sooner or later I was really stuck in how to ‘find something’ to get rid of. So when you declutter your intention is to work with a space and choose what stays in that space and get rid of the rest. Try this instead of trying to pick what to get rid of. When I sent an intention to declutter I bring the recycling basket, rubbish bag and donation box close to me and I actually sort items into those destinations as I go.

Unfortunately; while cleaning and tidying when generally make an area look better sometimes decluttering gets worse before it looks better as you will have likely started pulling things out of the nooks and crannies where they were carefully stored. Know that it is OK!

Each day set aside 15 minutes to work on your home and set your intention about what your focus is. If your goal is to remove some of the clutter make sure your intention is to sort through possessions into what is staying and what is going.

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