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Want To Know How to Get Started on Your Tiny House Journey?

I’m going to take a wild guess and assume that you have been there like a fly on the wall watching the movement grow for a while now. You’ve seen the TV shows. You’ve heard the podcasts and you’ve stalked Pinterest building a dream board. You flip over the channel whenever your favourite talkback show features Tiny Homes.

You have been fantasizing about Tiny Living and become drawn to a life where you can walk away from so much of the stress and clutter that fills your life. You crave more time to fill your days with the things that ACTUALLY make you happy rather and feeling chained to a rhythm of work and never ending cleaning! Ultimately you want to walk away from the emotional and financial burden of a big house and pick the freedom to take control of how much you need to work.

MecoBlue Tiny Living

You and your mates talk about your plan to go Tiny, but deep down something is holding you back. You tell yourself you can’t because of kids, or cost, or because you have listened to other’s opinions telling you that its way too radical. Truthfully? You are somewhere between scared to jump in and lost where to start. It all just seems impossible.

Trust me. That is where we were once upon a time. I know the feeling of being completely overwhelmed by all the clutter we fill our homes with in the process of trying to fill our lives with happiness. I know the feeling of dismay as our houses get bigger and the feeling of finally finishing that list of cleaning gets further away.

I know how marvellous the idea of building something new and leaving all the crap behind. I also know how scary it is to jump in. Truthfully you are likely stuck somewhere between fear and simply just not know HOW or WHERE to get started.

And that is where this course comes in.

MecoBlue Tiny Living

Talking Tiny the Course is an accumulation of all things Tiny Living. This is what you need to help you set your goals, design your layout and declutter. This is what you need to hear about challenges you may face in advance so that you can avoid the mistakes that cost TIME and MONEY! This is what you need to know to guide you on your first real steps towards Tiny Living!

This is what you need to really solidify your vision and build a plan of how to get there.

This is going to build the foundations for you to transition your life into Tiny Living. Talking Tiny is about how to LIVE in a Tiny House and how to walk that path towards your goals.

I know how badly you want to leave the normality of modern life and go manifest your Tiny Living dreams.

This course is here to share with you all the things we have learned in our research, build and our own Tiny Home Living. I’ll share how to change the mindset and approach the challenges you are going to face. For more information click here! 

MecoBlue Tiny Living

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