You know how I have talked about (again and again) writing down WHAT your goals are? Putting it on paper and taking your dreams from fantasies in your head into actual real goals?

All that time ago when we did this one of our big goals was to be self-sufficient.
Honestly, that was a big part of what led us to the idea of Tiny Living! We actually didn’t set out to live in a Tiny House initially. We wrote those goals out and realised that self-sufficiency was enough of a priority that we NEEDED to act on something to move us toward that goal.

We don’t define this as never having to buy anything coz seriously I don’t want to spend every second of my time trying to grow every little thing we need.
I don’t want to manage 100 acres or a fully functional farm around my business, hubbies business ventures and homeschooling.
And I’m not ever going to have the motivation to grow, pick and grind my own flour!
I define our goal of self-sufficiency as being as off-grid as possible.
I define it as growing our own vege and as much fruit as practical.
Raising whatever meat, eggs or milk we choose to eat.
Learning to forage.
Learning to make do with what we have.
And then trading/selling our surplus so we can #shoplocal for whatever is left.

Recently I stumbled across a post in a community group talking about elderberries! Yasssss!!!
Elderberries are super high in vitamin C and an elderberry syrup is amazing for colds or flues. Something I have always wanted to get my hands on!

I have never picked elderberry before so thankfully a local mum let me come pick some of theirs! They go to waste at their place as it’s not a time priority for them to do anything with the berries. So I’m welcome to keep collecting theirs! And now I also know what I’m looking for to go forage them wild!

Once I harvested the berries and then picked them off the stalks I ended up with 9 cups of berries! Gosh that was a lot of berries in my little kitchen 🙈

If you are interested in the recipe I boiled 1 part berries to 2 parts water (ie 9 cups berries with 18 cups water) until the water content had reduced to a bit under1/2 of its original content. I strained this into a bowl and when it was completely cool I stirred in local, raw honey. I used 1kg of honey for this batch which is about 1/2 of what the recipe I was using said. I think its very sweet and the sugar content is high enough that it’s still pourable in jars in my fridge and should keep for about 1year!

I’m actually really excited to keep learning!

Can’t wait to keep learning more about using what we have around us to our best advantage!
I’d love to study into permaculture beekeeping and foraging and keep adding information to the path that leads to our goals!

So question time!

Do YOU even know what you want?
Have you written your goals down yet?
If you haven’t then you are seriously missing out on some of the magic that happens when you actually put that dream on paper.


Want to make a start on your goals?
Its the perfect time to sit down with a coffee and my Why Tiny goal planner and nut out your dreams!
I know, I know – its suspiciously cheap at $1.95 right? I want you to have ZERO excuses to NOT go put your dreams down on paper!
Go get it tiger!
I do believe that your Tiny Living Dreams are there for a reason!


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