Tiny Intentions

Living with Tiny Intentions

Ok so I think its time to talk about intentions.

I know – its a big word that gets pulled out when its time to talk about something seriously right?

Well, maybe so! But identifying your intentions are really important and can also be really fun.

You see, this is about setting the direction that you are going to go. Like scanning all those travel brochures and looking at the pretty pictures before you set your itinerary. See – fun right?

The number 1 thing you need to do before going Tiny is set your intention!

Tiny houses are SO diverse and there are a lot of different types.
Start by getting a really clear picture of what your intention is with Tiny Living.

-Maybe you are looking just to downsize to a smaller place than you have now
-Maybe you want to travel
-Maybe you want accommodation on that bit of land your great uncle left you 3 hrs away
-Maybe you want to put a Tiny House in the backyard as extra accommodation/income

Or Maybe you are wanting to jump into Tiny Living full time and cut back on stuff, expenses and stress? 

Once you work that out your destination is selected; so finding the right Tiny House for you just got a whole bunch easier!

Then slip that word ‘intention’ right back in there as you sort out what to keep, what and where to build things in your home, and where to prioritize your budget/resources.

This applies outside of the build process too. If your intention is to practice living in a smaller space by moving into a small unit then you are going to need to be really intentional about what you bring into that space.

Intention is a funny thing.
Having clarity is like the magic that allows our goals come to life!
For more on simple and intentional living, you can jump over to this guest blog post I did with Roumage.com.au

So what are your Tiny Living intentions?
Are you still not sure if Tiny Houses are for you?
Or is it time to pick a destination and start planning your route?


If you are ready to dig a little deeper you can book a time with me for a free 30min call to chat about your goals. We can outline what you are looking for and set your intention. Just hit reply and we can book a time.7 Day Tiny Living Workshop - Meco Blue

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