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Make Action: What have you done today?

So what have you done today?

I know I know.
As a Stay at Home Parent that question can be a little triggering right?

Sometimes it feels like we run around like wild things all day trying to keep things running. Only to sit down at the end of the day and go “What happened??? What did I actually accomplish today??”

I think this is more prominent for Mum’s because of this continual awareness around us of ALLL the things that need doing. So while folding up the washing you probably end up seeing the crumbs on the floor and vacuum the floor or remember the bill that needs paying and end up filing all the paperwork.

Sound familiar?

My favorite quote lately says “Do something today that your future self with thank you for”

So what about if we start putting the blinkers on to all the distractions for just 15mins a day and focused on doing 1 thing that will move us towards our goals and our values. Something that our future self will be thankful for.

Yesterday I did this in 2 ways

1- I took myself for a massage. Not the kind you wear cucumber on your eyes and walk away feeling all refreshed though.. this was the kind that HURTS as they work into all of that pain and tension. Something you might not know about me is that I was in a 4 car smash at 19 and I’ve lived with chronic pain ever since. Pregnancy was hard – and this is why hubby had to take in a lot of the DIY build while I pulled back to project management, planning, designing and prepping! Anyways – this means I carry a lot of pain and damage. So much tension, in fact, I popped a rib out a few weeks ago 🤦♀️ so a massage was in order and my future self will thank me! But this self-care kinda really hurt!

2 – it was also my first day of study! I’m excited but also quite nervous about juggling everything.
I’ve also signed up to help admin a local community group AND joined the volunteer fire service as well 🤦ahhhh!
But I know each of these activities are things that ignite my passions, teach me new things and in the case of study it’s going to equip me to run mine and my husband’s businesses better. 2019 is going to be a big year. But it’s going to be a year we look back on with gratitude knowing or hard work propels us!

Sometimes saying yes is really scary!
But if we don’t do things today to better our futures one day we will look back with regret!

All that ‘stuff’ that needs to be done will still be there for you in 15mins! Leave it alone and go do 1 thing that moves you forward!

What are you going to do today for your future self?

Stuck??? Let me help!

I know you want to do something your future self will thank you for… So go write down your goals and make a freaking plan!!
You can grab my goal setting workbook here
Or jump on the phone with me and let me help you out with this! Send a reply email to book your spot!

Have a productive Night/Day

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