Introducing the On Purpose Membership for families who want to live with intention.

This is a community for likeminded people to come together to learn and grown in the skills and mindset they need to live their dream life. A life aligned with their values.

Our values include so many facets of life that help us live with intention and purpose! Minimalism, sustainable living, simplicity, mindful parenting, Tiny (or Tinier!) Living and using our time and money to build the life we dream of.

Each month will bring a new topic complete with workshops, guest speakers and exclusive bonus material. And of course access to the interactive and support community.

AND - in November we are jumping into a 30 Day reset ready for Christmas! There will be daily prompts with a decluttering task and then on weekends we will have a mini workshop on a different element of an Intentional Christmas. There is going to be so much fun and ACTION! I cant wait to see you there!

The on Purpose Community

This is a community for families that dream of life looking differently than it does now.

This is for families who know they want life to have more joy and less stress - but don't yet know how to get there from their current place of permanent mess, stress and overwhelm.

They dream of having the time to go for an evening walk, work on their vegetable garden or sit and play games. They imagine spontaneous adventures and outings before coming back to a home they love to be in.

This is for the Mum's that are tired of never getting to the end of the housework. Wishing for more freedom. More time. And Less tension in their lives.

They have a vision of creating a future for their families full of opportunities, purpose and happy memories. They wish to instil in their children the skills and tools needed to live with intention.

This is for the mumma's who want more than spending all day tidying up - they have plans for learning, success and making time for themselves each day.

This is for the Dad's who know they want more than mainstream normality has told them they 'should' be striving for. Working 8-10hrs a day and retreating to the study, shed or TV room when done.

This is for the families who are ready to join together as a community to learn the skills and habits they need to transfer their lives into a life of alignment, purpose and intention.

So What is Included?

Every month we will focus on a different skill, habit or challenge that will move you closer towards a life full of intention. Topics range from Minimalism, living in Tiny spaces, low waste living, parenting, Christmas traditions in alignment with your values and creating a budget that serves your dreams.

Each month there will be a workshop hosted by Sarah and the MecoBlue time. As well as a training with a specially chosen guest speaker on that months topic.


There will also be exclusive content including audiotrainings, workbooks, activity prompts, and more. Resources that are reserved for the On Purpose Community only!


But more than that - the on Purpose membership brings a community of like minded people together who are on the same mission to create life with intention.

I really enjoyed the whole workshop. It helped to change my perspective on decluttering and now I feel confident to get started, rather than overwhelmed.

Debbie Jay, The Mama Circle

Just a quick note... my biggest takeaway is the "Abundance vs Lack".

This has been a HUGE HEAL for me and I thank you so much for this change in mindset.

Lia Balnaves

Want To Know More About Sarah and MecoBlue? 


Truthfully we didn't set out to go Tiny originally.

Tiny Houses appeared as the most incredible step on our journey as we hit breaking point with the never ending cleaning and clutter! We had dreams to be self sufficient but realised that dream would never be a reality for us if we were trying to maintain a huge house too. Tiny Houses presented as a way to free our time, remove stress and make our dreams possible!

So many people looked at us like we must have been a little crazy to do something so 'radical' with kids! However; I assure you it was the best decision we could have made and we wouldn't take it back for the world. You can read more about why we went Tiny with kids here