Stairs vs ladders

The Stairs vs Ladder Issue

If you are in that planning stage of Tiny Living have you sat down and thought about the stairs vs ladder issue yet?

This is actually a really big part of your design process.

This one decision will impact the flow and layout of your floor plan significantly.

Personally, we picked stairs and built them AS the kitchen cabinetry because I was thinking about the kids and carrying a baby up to the loft factor.

What I didn’t think about was how the handrail would impact the feel of the room.

Handrails really do restrict the room visually. One of the key features of your Tiny House design is to use the high ceilings and openness to create the feeling of space. A handrail moves into the middle of that space.

However, stairs can also be designed as storage and a place to sit.

On the flip side with a ladder, you need to start thinking NOW if you will have a fixed ladder or a ladder that stows away as finding that sort of storage space afterwards will be a challenge! There are some amazing designs out there where the ladder has been carefully planned into the floorplan and effectively just blends in with everything else.

Both options work.
They both have different benefits and considerations.
Both have different options for safety features or storage.

Whichever you pick you want to start thinking about that early into your design phase so that you can plan your layout with this pretty key piece of information!

Is this something you have thought about yet?


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