Piles and Piles of Pine Needles

I wanted to share a story with you…

Today we went for a picnic in a forest. Just picture a bunch of kids running around making gigantic nests with piles and piles of pine needles. 

I’m not kidding at one stage there were 3 small children clad in pink coats, sitting in a giant nest. 

The kids build pathways to their nest houses an started building ‘rooms’ inside them. They sat around piles of pinecones pretending to have their own bonfire. 

And they had a ball! 

Outside time is exhilarating. 
It is learning. 
It is fun. 
It is an adventure. 

And it is space. 

People often tell me they would LOVE to live in a Tiny House but they can’t because they have kids. 

If that is you I want you to take some time to think about how you use your space and what your primary attraction to Tiny Living is.

Our kids have totally embraced Tiny Living.

We have our Tiny House with far fewer things than ever before. The things we have are special or add value. 

Our space is small inside, but we have so so much space outside. Be it our yard, goat pen, a park or somewhere new on an adventure. We have space! 

Inside we live Tiny and I am teaching them about a different way of life. I haven’t called myself a minimalist yet as I still feel overwhelmed sometimes by what we own and I’m still working on that. But I’m teaching my kids about being responsible with what we buy, giving away what we don’t need and enjoying a simpler way of life. 

Parenting is hard – but I am super proud of the values we are giving our kids to thrive with. 

If you have been questioning if you could go Tiny I’m going to come right out and say – You need my course 😉 

Talking Tiny the Course is designed to start right at the beginning of your Journey and walk you through the process. 

It will help you flesh out the WHAT and WHY of Tiny Living, work out what you need in your home and how to roll that into a floor plan. We will discuss how to pick the Tiny House option that works for you, how to find upcycled materials and how to declutter! We will talk about some of the relational and stress factors in a building process. And we will cover what to consider when bringing kids into small spaces. 

This course is EXACTLY what you need to delve into Tiny Living and work out if this is for you. This is the nuts and bolts of planning and preparing for a huge transition. 

This is like the road map – the tour guide that will help save you thousands! I’m not kidding. This information would have saved us in excess of $7,000! 

What’s holding you back? 

Get it here


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