Kids’ Entertainment

Running out of ideas for your kids’ entertainment at home? Tiny living shouldn’t limit your play time ideas! There are so many creative options for you and your bub!

Here are a few ideas for you! 

– Playdough. Homemade is super easy. No cooked or cooked versions alike! 
Drawing. Pens seem to be the favourite over pencils or crayons.
Beading. This one comes out while I put but down to nap. Excellent for hand-eye co-ordination
– Building blocks. We have a small assortment of wooden cubes and a small tub of duplo. Both feature regularly outside on a picnic rug! 
Books! Regular trips to the library mean that we can keep our own library very small and still have new stories often. 
Cards. Our deck of Uno is the ‘little kid deck’ as its a bit bent now. It gets used for everything from snap to memory and counting games. 
Rocks. A handful of small, smooth beach stones are perfect for making patterns, counting, or building from memory. They are also perfect for painting if you want to try rock drops! 
– Painting. This one requires a bit more supervision with small kids! The pre-ink watercolour paint books are fabulous for low supervision activities.
Outside time! The biggest part of entertaining kids in small spaces is to TAKE THEM OUT of the small spaces and get some fresh air. Visit a park. Maybe try balancing activities or build an obstacle course. Or just give them a trowel and let them go nuts in the dirt 😉 

I hope some of these ideas inspire you to do something fun! 
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