So You are Ready to Get Started With Tiny Talking the Course?

Great! You are going to get so much out of this!

Going Tiny has been a phenomenal journey for our family. I am so pleased to be here walking beside you and showing you how to do the same.

You are not even going to believe how releasing Tiny Living is.

You are going to come away with clarify about what you are looking for in your Tiny House and practical skills on how to transition to Tiny Living!

Before we get started here are a couple FAQs!


  • Talking Tiny is NOT a construction course. I am not a builder - I am a mentor in Tiny Living.
  • Talking Tiny is self paced course comprising of 12 modules plus downloadables and resources. You have no time limit on access to the course OR the Facebook support group. You can refer back to these materials whenever you like.

I know you are going to get SO MUCH value out of Talking Tiny the Course. If however you are not satisfied please contact us within 48 hours for a full refund.

Ok so now we have that out of the way are you ready to get started?

Amy Lantry Amy Lantry

Just read Sarah’s ebook, loved reading about the brave step she took to make changes for her family. Great read for those interested in minimalism, low waste living or tiny houses. She’s honest, real and has lots of knowledge to share.

Jasmine Hazel Jasmine Hazel, Body Shop Consultant

Wow, the information I have already received from Sarah has been amazing and I can't wait to learn much more from her.
It has helped me to look at what I need to change to get to where I want our family to be and where and how to start it in a way that's not overwhelming.
She is such a wealth of knowledge and so easy to talk 🙂

Tell me exactly what is in the course...

Talking Tiny is a self paced online course with 12 topics on Tiny Living with modules including...

  • Why Tiny Homes/Types of Tiny Homes,
  • Planning your Layout
  • Upcycling
  • Mistakes We Made
  • Kids in Small Spaces
  • Decluttering and Minimalism
  • Considerations
  • Choosing Specifications
  • Making things Multi-Function
  • Reducing Waste and Sustainability
  • Why Tiny Homes plus more. The portal also includes access to a number of fantastic resources like downloadable worksheets, podcasts and challenges.

Talking Tiny is NOT just for DIY builders! Talking Tiny is for anyone thinking about living in a smaller space. This is the information that you need to prepare for the new lifestyle.  Talking Tiny is like the map to transition from 'normal' living into a whole new realm!

Talking Tiny is about the journey. It is the practical, mental and emotional preparation to live so differently to before..

Talking Tiny is NOT a building workshop. For structural advice I can connect you with builders who can service your needs. However I will share with you our experience as DIY builders and what we learned over the process of DIY building.

Talking Tiny IS for clarifying your Tiny Living goals, defining your vision and giving practical information to prepare to LIVE in a Tiny House. Throughout the course you will solidify your why and your needs, you will plan what needs to be built into your home, and you will formulate a plan of how to get there. This is like the ROADMAP for your project! These are the directions to plan your project and transition your life from 'normal' to Tiny.

Talking Tiny WILL give you the information you need to save yourself TIME, MONEY and STRESS! I say this with complete confidence knowing that with this course we would have saved $7,000 plus in materials and extra rent PLUS the mental and emotional strain of all the stress.

If you have ever dreamed about going Tiny you NEED this course. Your dream is there for a reason! Time to get some CLARITY and POWER behind your vision and get to work!