Lets Talk about Tiny House Living:

Want To Know Where to Start?

Ok so here it is! You have been there like a fly on the wall watching the Tiny House movement grow. You've seen the TV shows. You've heard the podcasts and you've stalked Pinterest building a dream board.

You have been fantasizing about Tiny Living and become drawn to a life where you can walk away from so much of the stress, clutter and expense that fills your life. You want to gain freedom in your life once more.

You talk about going Tiny, but deep down something is holding you back.

You tell yourself you can’t because of kids, or cost, or because you’ve been told itts way too radical.

Truthfully? You are somewhere between scared to jump in and lost where to start. It all just seems impossible.

Am I right?

Trust Me

I Know How Tiny Living Calls to You

I know the feeling of being completely overwhelmed by all the clutter we fill our homes in the process of trying to fill our lives with happiness.

I know the feeling of dismay as our houses get bigger and the feeling of finally finishing that list of cleaning gets further away.

I know how exciting the idea of building a Tiny House is.

I also know how scary it is to jump in.

I know because this is EXACTLY where we stood once when we asked if we were willing to dive into a new lifestyle and build our own Tiny House.

That's Where this course comes in!

Introducing - Talking Tiny the Course


Building our own Tiny House on Wheels was a far bigger challenge that I expected!

There was so much to think about learning how to transform our entire lives down into a small space, there was the building side of the DIY plus the project management of coordinating all the supplies and working bee's. PLUS working through EVERYTHING we owned was completely overwhelming.

I wrote this course as an accumulation of all thing Tiny Living as a roadmap to help you on your own journey. Its everything that you need to know about the process of going Tiny.

Its the information to equip you and help you avoid the THOUSANDS in mistakes and all the stress of taking on such a big project without the support needed.

Ok. So how much is it going to cost? 

Talking Tiny has been created for those who have had enough with clutter, big houses and no time. Its designed to be the roadmap on HOW to go Tiny.  It will show you how to set your goals, outline your design requirements and get ready for a new lifestyle. There are bonus materials like calculators and podcasts to help you stay focused on your project.  You will also get 2x 30 min phone consultations with the Meco Blue team to discuss your Tiny House project and your biggest struggles. The total value of the course is over $1,900 but...

You can get access today for a $100 deposit and then 12x weekly payments of $60

Or you can save yourself some money with the lump sum payment of $797

Sarah and the Meco Blue team have been so amazing, helping us transition to a more sustainable and minimalist life style with our family, Their help, support and advice has saved us hours of stress, time and money, her decluttering module helped us clean out so much of our unwanted stuff and find better homes for it, working with Sarah has given us the confidence to pack up and take our family traveling around Australia soon, and her decluttering module gave us the practical skills to be able to actually achieve this dream

Shona Gates
Sexy Selfish

I Love the Sound of that! But what do I get? 

Talking Tiny is a self paced online course with 12 topics on Tiny Living with modules including...

Why Tiny Homes/Types of Tiny Homes where we discuss the reasons people choose Tiny Houses, things to consider about Tiny Living, what makes each type different and choosing the right Tiny for your vision.

Planning your Layout is where we will be breaking down how to plan your lifestyle into your Tiny Footprint!

Upcycling is a great way to save money and conserve resources. There's a few things to consider first.

Mistakes We Made. This was the hardest module to record but I believe if we are talking $$$ its actually the MOST valuable piece of information in the whole course so you can stay in control of your budget!

Kids in Small Spaces sound like an impossible task? Its not! Lets talk honestly about what you need to know.

Decluttering and Minimalism - this is my most popular module! Going Tiny is going to take a fairly substantial amount of simplifying. Its far more than just picking what to get rid of. Lets talk mindset and tools.

Considerations - all the things you need to know before you start your project. Things you absolutely have to keep in mind when you make your plan and your decision.

Choosing Specifications - all the nitty gritty of the Tiny House specs to keep you compliant!

Making things Multi-Function is absolutely essential in a Tiny House. But how? This module gives you food for thought in making your Tiny space 100% functional for your needs.

Reducing Waste and Sustainability - a side benefit or a reason to go Tiny? Lets talk about why these go hand in hand and some strategies to get some positive changes in place.

Plus 2 x 30 min phone consultations to talk through your plans AND access to bonus resources like workbooks, podcasts and challenges.

You will save TIME, MONEY and STRESS! I say this with complete confidence knowing that with this course we would have saved $7,000 plus in materials and extra rent PLUS the mental and emotional strain of all the stress.

The value of Talking Tiny is over $1,500 but we have bundled it together for $797!!!

Want To Know More About Sarah and Meco Blue? 


Truthfully we didn't set out to go Tiny originally.

Tiny Houses appeared as the most incredible step on our journey as we hit breaking point with the never ending cleaning and clutter! We had dreams to be self sufficient but realised that dream would never be a reality for us if we were trying to maintain a huge house too. Tiny Houses presented as a way to free our time, remove stress and make our dreams possible!

So many people looked at us like we must have been a little crazy to do something so 'radical' with kids! However; I assure you it was the best decision we could have made and we wouldn't take it back for the world. You can read more about why we went Tiny with kids here