What to Do with Decluttered Stuff?

Over the last 2 weeks I shared about how to know if you have too much stuff – and how to set up your intention so you have a focus to declutter OR clean OR Tidy.

This time I want to talk about what to DO with the stuff that you are removing from your home.

First up think about if this is an item that you want to sell or donate; or if you need to admit that it is at the end of its useful life and is now rubbish.

When deciding whether to sell or not consider the second hand value of the item. I set myself a $$ limit of what I will spend the effort on listing for sale. At the moment my absolute limit is $10-15 and I will not list anything for sale that is under that value – however this figure changes depending on where we are financially at the time.

If you have decided to sell an item my current go-to platform is Facebook Marketplace. However you can also look at specific sales groups, Gumtree, ebay and many other platforms. Take some time to Youtube how to take good photos with your phone as this will increase your success.

There are a huge number of places to send the items you have decided to donate. At this point in time most second hand stores are not accepting donations across the country so I have tried to include as many other options as possible.
Please ensure you communicate with your local facilities and find out if they can take donations right now. Here are some ideas.

Expired medicines and first aid items – first offer to Vet clinics. What medicines they don’t want can go to the pharmacy for disposal.

Stationary – community centres, after school programs, craft/art studios or schools.
Books – Buy Nothing Group, local Pop-up Library
Magazines – Buy Nothing group, nursing homes, craft groups.

Old textiles – MANRAGS, H&M, local boomerang bag group or local tradies who use rags.
New textiles – local Buy Nothing Group, Women’s Shelters or local Facebook groups. Animal shelters/rescues may be able to take blankets, towels and sheets.

Small Electrical items – Buy Nothing Group, Office works, Library, council, Aldi
Batteries and lightbulbs – local council, Aldi
White Goods, Computers etc – Buy Nothing Group, metal recycler, PlanetArk, Local Council
Metal (like broken saucepans, screw, padlocks, keys, binding, bottles etc) – metal recycler

Mugs – see if any funky cafes have a borrow a mug program you could donate to
Broken ceramics – local artist (ask on a local facebook group for any contacts who might be interested)

Tools – Mens Shed, Tool Library, Repair Café
Plants – local permaculture group

My aim is always to send our surplus somewhere it is wanted and/or useful. I don’t want to see our clutter become someone else’s clutter. So with everything that leaves our home I spend a little time searching for the right place to offer it. Next week I’ll talk more about what comes next when you CANT rehome or recycle an item.

Sometimes though you feel like you are drowning and finding the place to start still feels impossible doesn’t it? I’d like to help you find that start and share some tips to help you overcome that overwhelm you feel.

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