The New Normal

What’s The New Normal For You and Your Family?

A funny thing happened recently!

I took my kids to a local market. 
You know the sort with fresh produce, stalls, entertainment and food vans? 

We got a pretty epic lunch in compostable packaging (YES!!!! Lets hope to see more of this!!!) 

And then we went for a walk around the markets. 

As we got to the back of the area and as we turned around Lydia (3) saw the back of icecream van. 

Most kids would be like “ICE-CREAM!!!!!” right? 

Not Lydia.  She saw the food truck and went “Look mum its a Tiny House JUST LIKE OURS!!!” 

Hahah!! Funny kid. 

That just goes to show though that Tiny Living has become the new normal. Its recognizable to our kids and its something they get a kick out of when telling someone about their house/bedroom. 

What’s something you have changed in life that has become the ‘normal’ to your kids? Maybe they think ice-cream is made of frozen fruit in your blender? Or maybe they think that Friday night is home movie night? 

I’d love to hear about what’s normal for you that others might see as unusual! 
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