This bundle has been specially crafted to help you brainstorm and breathe life into your dreams of Living Tiny. You will create a clear picture, lay out your wants and needs, define a savings plan and get super excited about your vision.


Its time to sit down with the workbook and start planning! You need to sit and ask yourself why you are going to do something that some will see as utterly radical. You are going to flesh out this vision, make a plan, draw up ideas for your home and really bring some clarity into your dream. This clarity will bring you strength on the days things just aren't working right!

30 Day Declutter and Intentional Living Challenge

Decluttering is a vital part of downsizing! However; more importantly is the mindset change towards a simpler way of living. Minimalism is a journey. Let't spend 30 days on some habits that will help you live a more intentional life! 

Budget Calculator


Next up (for most!) will be working out finances!

Where can you start drawing savings from?

How quickly can you achieve your goal?

Podcast - Top 3 Money Mistakes in our DIY Tiny House Project

In this podcast I want to take some time to talk about 3 aspects that COST us money on our build. Mostly when we didn't keep to our budget estimates it was due to missing information and I'm going to let you in on this insight!